Super Sunday

Every First Sunday of the Month

Join us every first Sunday of the month as we dance the night away with our resident DJ, Stefan.

As well as our DJ, we also have bingo, Jackpot Joker, a quiz and more … 

Join us for

Jackpot Joker

Why not come play our Jackpot Joker game. Simply bout a raffle ticket, if your number is drawn, you get to choose a card. If you find the Joker, you win the big money!

Raffle ticket costs £1.00

Jackpot Joker starts at 8PM

EVERY first Sunday of the month!


Do you enjoy the odd game of bingo? Then pop along to the fox during Super Sunday and have yourself a game.

BEWARE: Our game can get a bit rude!


Are you a clever clogs? Do you like a challenge? Then pop along to Super Sunday and try your hand at our quiz.

Let’s see how smart you really are!


After the quiz is played.

After the bingo is won.

After the Joker is chosen.

It’s time to relax, sit back and listen to all of the latest tracks as DJ Stefan plays us into the night.

EVERY first Sunday of the month